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PAKFAB has been a manufacturer of returnable packaging for the automotive industry since its inception as PFI (primarily manufacturing) in 2003 and PAKFAB (primarily design and sales) in 2010. After a long and successful period of collaboration, PAKFAB and PFI merged in 2021 to create an internationally integrated, packaging solution provider. With over 400 employees in 5 locations across 3 countries, PAKFAB is primed for continued growth and innovation across North America. We have come a long way from our humble beginnings in converted barns and garages in southwestern Ontario to become one of the leading firms in our industry in under 20 years.

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What makes us unique

Customized and flexible solutions.

All of our packaging is designed and produced with a strong focus on our customer needs and specifications.

Designed for circularity.

We reuse, design and give new life to a wide range of materials, creating a circular packaging solution to eliminate waste.

Zero landfill goal.

We cover the entire process: design, manufacture and repair. So, in addition to saving money, this constant reusing of materials produces a substantial diversion of waste from landfills.

Quality focused processes.

Quality is integral and critical to the success of our business and begins by developing our people through ongoing training. It permeates our processes as we continually strive to improve our design, manufacturing, and delivery standards.

Based in Canada, USA and Mexico.

We seamlessly work across three countries, understanding culture, talent, context and compliance specificities.

Applicable across industries.

We design and manufacture packaging for many industries taking into consideration size, safety, efficiency and sustainability within the supply chain.


Our purpose: circularity

Our ethics

Our people

Our partnerships

Our innovation

Our team

Kevin Wells


With over 30 years of experience in the returnable packaging industry - primarily in sales - Kevin has a wealth of experience and understands the nuances of unique customer requirements. Most days you will find him ensconced in his office working his magic. If he's missing we can usually find him at his Muskoka cottage on the boat or riding his snowmobile, depending on the Ontario weather.

Jason McLellan


As CFO, Jason is responsible for all of the financial functions of PAKFAB. His career spans several decades in manufacturing with a majority of that time in the automotive industry. Jason is deeply familiar with the intricacies and challenges that our customers and suppliers face as they navigate an often cyclical industry and provides a steady hand on the rudder of our finance and HR departments.

Dave Black


After spending the bulk of his career in the medium/heavy manufacturing industry across the USA & Canada, Dave lives and breathes efficiency, lean manufacturing, and productivity. With extensive experience in the passenger rail car industry, Dave brings an enviable repository of cutting edge operational insight to the PAKFAB facilities in Canada, USA, and Mexico.

Kory Green


PAKFAB is deeply committed to producing quality products and Kory is a prime example of that commitment. As a disciplined leader and robust team builder, Kory is spearheading a standardized approach to quality assurance across our facilities in Canada, USA, and Mexico, ensuring our customers receive consistent product delivery across the continent.

"Our initial idea was to create packaging but we realized that understanding our clients' supply chain in depth, enabled us to find better solutions."

Jon Doe

Product Manager

"We love to build solutions that impact our clients and the planet positively."

Jon Doe

Product Manager

"I think that design is able to solve any problem, this is why we created Pakfab."

Jon Doe

Product Manager

"As a team, design is really what unites us."

Jon Doe

Product Manager

Let's grow together

We are convinced that nothing we do is more important than attracting and developing the best talent in the world. At Pakfab, we grow thanks to our people.

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